Used Oil Filter Exchange Events

The Regional Waste Authority will be hosting another round of used oil filter exchange events in partnership with all of the Autozone and O'Reilly Auto Parts Stores within Merced County.  During these event days, residents who change their own oil can bring in a used oil filter and get a new one (retailing under $12) for free!  These Filter Exchange Events will be held only on full Saturday-Sunday weekends in July on the following dates: 

July 7th - 8th
July 14th - 15th
July 21st - 22nd
July 28th - 29th

Participating stores and the Terms and Conditions are listed below.

Participating Locations

Store Name Address City Phone Number
Autozone #5506 470 Bellevue Rd Atwater (209) 357-2437
O'Reilly Auto Parts #2900 701 Bellevue Rd Atwater (209) 357-1881
O'Reilly Auto Parts #3971 1620 Bell Lane Atwater (209) 358-7793
O'Reilly Auto Parts #5620 16229 King St Delhi (209) 262-1342
Autozone #6254 1249 Elgin Ave Dos Palos (209) 387-6005
O'Reilly Auto Parts #5718 360 4th St Gustine (209) 854-4060
Autozone #6219 456 Winton Pkwy Livingston (209) 394-0121
O'Reilly Auto Parts #3654 497 Winton Pkwy Livingston (209) 394-8887
Autozone #5507 665 Pacheco Blvd Los Banos (209) 826-6046
O'Reilly Auto Parts #2937 30 W Pacheco Blvd Los Banos (209) 826-0318
Autozone #4188 3095 G St Merced (209) 626-3280
Autozone #5508 1635 R St Merced (209) 384-9396
O'Reilly Auto Parts #2901 40 W 16th St Merced (209) 725-9572
O'Reilly Auto Parts #3183 1360 W Olive Ave Merced (209) 723-5426


Limit one (1) oil filter per person per event day. Maximum filter value cannot exceed $12.00.  

Passenger vehicle and light truck filters only. For individuals only, not for businesses. Replacement oil filters shall be "off the shelf" and of standard quality. Replacement filters are limited to stock on-hand; no special orders. No premium oil filters will be issued. Filters may not be returned for a refund and may only be exchanged for another oil filter which retails under $12.00.