Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day at RWA!

Earth Day 2023 was a success!
Thank you to all who came out to visit us at the Highway 59 Landfill!

See you in 2024!


  • Participants must show proof they are residents of Merced County such as an ID or City utility bill in order to receive free compost.   
  • Trucks and Trailer will be loaded by RWA tractor (RWA not liable for vehicle damage)
  • Per California Vehicle code: All loads must be covered before leaving the facility
  • Bring your own tools, bags or containers to collect compost
  • No tools will be available on site
  • Anyone wishing to dispose of anything at the landfill will need to weigh in and out at the scale house prior to collecting compost

For more information about Earth Day and why it's celebrated, visit:

Earth Day 2022: